Da Silva Catering introduces the ideal solution for a safe, no-contact, tamper proof way to serve great tasting, nutritious meals.

Our inspiration comes from the “Bento Box”, a popular Japanese tradition for eating on the go. The bento box has been used for centuries in Japan to carry a delicious, nutritious meal to eat when away from home. We believe it is a timely solution for catering.

Our individual “Bento Box Style Meal Service” is the ideal solution for a safe, no-contact, tamper proof way of serving a great tasting meal delivered direct to your workplace. The traditional buffet style meal has been sidelined, but don't let that stop you from serving your employees a special and safe meal to show your appreciation and boost morale.

Da Silva Catering is now offering a menu and level of service focused on fulfilling our clients needs for a safer, no-contact meal service and adhere to government authorities mandate under COVID-19.

Each menu item is conveniently packaged in individual environmentally responsible packaging, including cutlery and napkins.

Vegetarian Options

  • Fruit Salad

    Individually Packaged

  • Fudge Brownie and Apple Pie Blondie

    Individually Wrapped (1×2)

  • Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Cookies

    Individually Wrapped (1 oz)

  • Gluten Free / Vegan Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie

    Individually Wrapped (1 oz)

  • Gluten Free Nature Bar

    Individually Wrapped