New Menu Descriptions: To Read is to Crave

Even a brief review of Da Silva Catering’s new menu reveals startling changes. Each dish, particularly the entrees, is richly described using vivid imagery; in addition:

  • Food preparation practices such as sauteéing, braising, roasting, searing, etc. are specified
  • Different types of marinade described
  • Actual herbs and spices mentioned, then complemented by
  • A delicious array of verbs and engaging visuals that engulf your imagination while entrancing your palate

Of particular note are the presentations in the International Fare menu where entire meals of different nations are described in tantalizing detail.

For example, Teriyaki Chicken Temptation was formerly described as:
“Grilled teriyaki chicken breast, soy sesame noodles and Asian mixed vegetables.”

New version: Teriyaki Chicken Temptation
Salty and sweet are the tastes this dish showcases. Apricot preserves combined with contrasting elements ginger, teriyaki sauce, and maple syrup meld into the chicken breast to create delectable taste sensations. Soy sesame noodles and Asian mixed vegetables add balance.

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Said Da Silva Catering’s Jeff Hudson: “In general, our previous menu lacked character. It was too generic. I wanted our clientele, both new and established, to taste what they were considering. It’s an important part of the customer experience.”

His efforts to change perceptions have been made easier by the company’s new artist-practitioner in the kitchen, Chef Ivan. Having worked for high-end catering outfits, his techniques and practices are more refined than his predecessors.

Bearing in mind that Da Silva Catering’s former kitchen master was2014 Readers' Choice named “Best Chef” and winner of the Brampton Guardian’s 2014 Platinum Award, this is significant.

“He follows trends and is always looking for more taste-enhancing ways of preparing both current menu items and planned ones. It’s all about raising the bar. During the hectic October to December rush, we threw an awful lot at him and he responded with consistency and culinary excellence.”

New menu descriptions and a more dynamic chef equates to a more appealing catering experience.

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